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An elevated vehicle body shell is encircled by two large metal hoops that are placed around the front and rear suspension area. The body shell is attached to the hoops by bolting various lengths of square metal tubing or jigs that connect from the mounting tabs on the inner part of the hoop to the structure of the inner chassis of the body shell using existing bolt holes. The jigs are attached in a spoke-like fashion supporting the body shell in or near the center for the hoops using the approximate center of gravity of the car. The hoops can either roll directly on the ground or be placed on the roller bases which will allow the vehicle body shell to rotate in a stationary position. The two roller bases support wheels at each end which make up the contact surface for the hoops and allow them to roll freely. The roller bases also contain the foot-operated brake at each wheel, which slows the rotating apparatus and locks it in a fixed position. There are four legs that attach to the hoops and permit the vechile body shell to move around the shop while it is mounted in the hoops. A jacking-arm is used to attach to the base of the hoops and raise and lower it with a floor jack onto the bases and/or up to connect the upright rolling supports.

63 Falcon Convertible63 Falcon Convertible

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